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Company Information

Moly Mines is an Australian unlisted public company with a focus on identifying near-term mining opportunities.

Moly Mines was incorporated in 2004 and quickly focussed on developing projects on the Spinifex Ridge tenements in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The Spinifex Ridge Molybdenum-copper project was progressed to full permitting and DFS (Definitive Feasibility Study) in 2008 prior to the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) where commodity price changes adversely impacted the economics of the project. The project currently remains on care and maintenance.

In 2010, Moly Mines developed the Spinifex Ridge Iron Ore Mine which operated successfully until 2014, producing direct ship ore exported through Port Hedland. The latter part of the mining operation was undertaken by a 3rd party under a Mine Gate Sale agreement which de-risked the project against iron ore price fluctuations, whilst retaining the tenements under Moly Mines ownership. The money generated from the mining operation and the Mine Gate Sale has been preserved to invest in future mining opportunities which the Board is currently working towards.



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