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Company Announcements

Announcements and releases contained on this web site are for historical purposes only and that, while information contained within the releases was believed to be accurate at the time of issue, the Company will not, and specifically disclaims any duty to, update this information. Disclosure on the Company’s web site alone does not constitute adequate disclosure of undisclosed material information or material effect information.

Company released Announcements:

File detailsClick link to download or openSizeDate Added 
pdf AGM Presentation 3.163MB 28/5/2018 6:25:12 PM
pdf Results of Annual General Meeting 0.092MB 28/5/2018 6:24:44 PM
pdf Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting and Explanatory Memorandum 0.170MB 2/5/2018 10:13:47 PM
pdf Changes to Board of Directors 0.148MB 17/4/2018 2:30:31 PM
pdf Annual Financial Report 31 December 2017 0.838MB 3/4/2018 6:04:50 PM
pdf QMC Takeover Complete 0.120MB 20/3/2018 4:43:05 PM
pdf Moly Mines Takeover Offer for QMC Closed, Compulsory Acquisition to Proceed 0.119MB 22/1/2018
pdf Moly Mines Takeover Offer for QMC Unconditional 0.430MB 21/12/2017
pdf Takeover Offer for Queensland Mining Corporation Limited 3.421MB 15/12/2017
pdf Acquisition of White Range Copper Project 0.481MB 13/10/2017
pdf 30 June 2017 Half Year Financial Report 0.742MB 12/9/2017
pdf Finalisation of Arbitration 0.096MB 17/8/2017
pdf Change of Registered Office Address 0.099MB 6/7/2017
pdf AGM Chairman`s Address 0.102MB 31/5/2017
pdf Results of the AGM 0.185MB 31/5/2017
pdf Chairman`s Letter and Notice of AGM 0.193MB 4/5/2017
pdf Shareholder Frequently Asked Questions 0.019MB 20/4/2017
pdf Letter to Shareholders 0.110MB 20/4/2017
pdf 31 December 2016 Annual Financial Report 1.063MB 21/3/2017
pdf Initial Director`s Interest Notice 0.097MB 13/3/2017
pdf Final Director`s Interest Notice 0.100MB 13/3/2017
pdf Board Changes 0.170MB 13/3/2017
pdf Update on Relisting Process and Gulf Alumina Transaction 0.373MB 28/11/2016
pdf MMI: Offer to Gulf Alumina Shareholders from Metro 1.810MB 1/11/2016 3:52:00 AM
pdf Moly_Offer to Acquire Gulf Alumina - Additional Loan Commitment 0.100MB 28/10/2016 3:02:52 PM
pdf Offer for Gulf Alumina - MMI 0.176MB 28/10/2016 3:01:37 PM


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